... my name is Yannick Le Bricquir, I am a photographer in the area of ​​Orleans in France.
In creating this site, I have only one ambition: to share my photographic universe, and hope you'll enjoy it.

Passionate image for many years, my first steps in photography began as a teenager by the practice of sports photo, including water skiing and volleyball. At that time, I spent long evenings in my film lab to develop and work on the black and white images with a variety of techniques. Life passing and growing family, cameras were no longer used only to create family memories.

The digital making progress at high speed, I discovered a few years ago the immense opportunities for both the shooting and post-treatment: the passion of the image had returned!

Photographer "touches everything" assumed, I try to work my images around three constants that are dear to me: Composition, Graphic and Light.
Photographically yours.

"You do not take a photograph, you created the. "Ansel Adams

A big THANK YOU for visiting my photographic world!